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The mainstream media won’t touch it, but only a handful of the new media touch upon the subject at all. Black mob violence.

Every race or class of people have a group that doesn’t make any attempt to make a good name for themselves, whites have their share, as do the italians, the chinese and the hispanics. But the mainstream media pretends it doesn’t even exist. Tell that to the people who have to put up with it.

Take Miami, for instance, Black Beach Weekend was a complete success in 2011,  there were only 413 arrests during the week long festivities. Many businesses close for the duration, and residents, if they can afford it, flee the city and escape to someplace calmer only to return to find property damage and trash strewn everywhere. And it’s not an isolated incident, it happens this way every year. Indianapolis and Palm Springs are on the schedule for the next hedonism getaways.

So cancelling the annual Independence Day fireworks for Bedford, OH, probably came as no surprise to the residents there. Violence has marred the July 4th celebration for several years, making it less of a celebration, and more of a riot. And not the fun kind. The violent mob activities have forced the fireworks to be discontinued, for 2013 at least.

While it’s not clear what exactly fuels the violence, it can be surmised that it has something to do with the Knock Out Game, which is not a game at all, just random violence. What is clear, is that liberal leftists are quick to accuse most likely non-racists Republicans of being racist, while turning a blind eye to the violence in the black population, which most often can be attributed to black racism toward whites (or anyone just looking white, i.e. hispanics or asians).

The denial of the existence of the black mob violence only adds to the anonymity of the criminals, and an increase in occurrence. To say that only whites can be racist towards blacks is simply not true, some blacks are demonstrating that the racism towards whites does exist. The impromptu random beating of a seemingly defenseless victim, as is reported in so many cases, proves the case time and time again. It’s entirely possible that George Zimmerman was a victim of the Knock Out Game as well, only Trayvon Martin never expected Mr. Zimmerman to successfully fight back.

Whatever the cause behind all the violence, shining a spot light on it may help to raise awareness of the problem, and begin the process of teaching America’s young blacks to learn tolerance, as their white counterparts learned in the 1960s and 1970s. Was it so important for us whites to learn how to be tolerant, just so a small population of black Americans can exact revenge for injustices that occurred before many of us were even out of elementary school.

We learned how to do it, let’s hope that by exposing the violence we can begin the process of teaching tolerance to the very people who stood their ground and argued for tolerance.