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What is the one thing that America can learn from the obvious obsession with the George Zimmerman trial? That inner city blacks feel that they can be racist, and use white racial slurs and commit violent crime against white people, the “knockout game” and then cry racist and fully expect to get away with it.

It was obvious that Rachel Jaentel assumed an attitude towards George Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West, and her repetitive use of the word “sir” was anything but politeness. If she’s the prosecution’s star witness, I hate to see their worst witness. She will actually work against the prosecution, and assist in revealing the true nature of George Zimmerman’s sudden attack by Trayvon.

Jonathan Good witnessed Zimmerman and Trayvon in the “ground and pound” position, with Zimmerman on the bottom. Just a small portion of the testimony so far leads to a the likely cause being that Trayvon was playing the “Knockout Game”. If you’re new to the game, read more here.

The biggest thing that this reveals is that, even though the mainstream media is still doing their best to cover it up, black on white crime is increasing. With liberals and blacks crying “racism” at every turn, white people are doing the best they can to show they’re not racist, while many white people are blindsided with good intentions and the believe that racism is behind us and tolerance is practiced by both sides; it isn’t.

The real reason that the mainstream media won’t touch this subject is because they are afraid of being called “racist” by the very people that protect the blacks who are involved in what is not really a game. It’s an epidemic. And there are people who still refuse to accept that it is happening. After all, the blacks are the underdogs, right? Well, they think so, that’s why they’re violent.

It’s payback time in their world, so if you enter their world, it’s like entering a war zone. And war zones create casualties. But ignoring it only fosters an increase in the violence by not addressing the root of the problem. Besides, the Knockout Game, if it continues abated as it has been, will create more racism….on both sides. And the mainstream media knows it.

Ms. Jaentel stated that she did not think that the term “cracker” was not a racial slur. Apparently she subscribes to the belief that Chris Matthews adheres to: that only whites can be racist. The biggest takeaway from all this? Currently, it is the blacks in this case that appear to be the most racist.