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Please urge your senators to vote no on the pending immigration legislation, our national budget cannot afford to support approximately eleven million potential benefit recipients, and those illegal immigrants who are willing to work will make it difficult for our American citizens to find job.

While Americans support legal immigration (should there be any other kind), we shouldn’t be supporting illegal immigration. Entering the United States without the proper documentation and permission is against the law, and even though it has become politically incorrect to use the term “illegal immigration”, if people enter the country illegally, then that type of immigration is illegal. It makes it neither legal, nor moral. We as American citizens need to escape the political correctness and focus our attentions on what is actually moral. Abiding by the law, immigrating to this country legally. Our immigration system is broken, but rewarding people who break the law, and ignoring those who have been waiting patiently in accordance with the law, is immoral, no matter what the current spin the MSM applies to it.

The new immigration bill does not allow the illegal immigrants the benefit of Obamacare after they acquire their new documentation under this bill, if it is passed. The biggest problem with this is, employers will have more incentive to hire the newly documented immigrant, and not an American citizen, as hiring an American citizen would mean thousands in Obamacare fees that they otherwise wouldn’t have to pay.

Please write to your senators, and urge them to vote no. Feel free to use this letter below, and edit as needed to fit your situation.

Dear Senator ,

As a United States citizen, I am writing to you in the hopes that you will hear my small voice. I am no one special, I was only born in the country and have been a citizen since the day my birth certificate was issued. Unfortunately I am not an illegal immigrant, or as you prefer “undocumented immigrant”. If I were, my small voice would carry more weight and you would be able to hear what I am about to say.

I am a veteran of the military, a Christian and a patriot. I love my country and I want it to be a better place to live. I am also a member of the Tea Party. All of the aforementioned places an unnecessary target on my back that ten or twenty years ago would have earned me the respect of the then President of the United States. But unfortunately, that makes me an enemy of the POTUS.

I do not feel it is immoral, or our place as a country, the United States of America, to want potential immigrants to abide by the law and enter our country and attempt to become citizens according to our existing laws. I do, however, feel it is immoral to applaud and reward anyone who has broken the law to come to this country and disregard our legal system, and instead work the system no matter what the cost. They are being placed ahead of the people who have been attempting to become citizens in a lawful manner. If this were the line at the lunch counter it would be called “cutting”, and it is still wrong even if there are those who would attempt to pass it off as “morally right”.

Are you one of those who would place special interest groups or your very own interests ahead of the very future of our nation? Would you open the front door of your house and let anyone in your town wander in and settle down, go through your refrigerator and eat all your food without your permission? Or would you welcome invited guests and share the time you spend together? I think I know the answer to that question.

The problem with that analogy, is that you are opening the front door to your neighbor’s house to let in anyone that wants to come in. You don’t expect these uninvited guests to come into your house. But you expect your neighbor, average American citizens, to foot the bill, feed, house and clothe these uninvited guests on our dime.

So the very act of granting temporary citizenship to millions of “undocumented immigrants” will make us default on our mortgage payments (national debt) and lose the house entirely, you still have your home. And your job. And most likely a hefty bonus out of the deal. While we still have trouble finding jobs, and there are those of us who are still proud enough not to take a handout from the government.

Meanwhile there goes the neighborhood, China will call in the mortgage, the U.S. Constitution will have more holes in it then a lace nighty, and the special interest groups and most likely the government will reward you for a job well done and you will still be living in your cushy house while the actual citizens of our country get the shaft.

Please open your eyes, think of the future of The United States of America, and do what actually is moral. Support and allow ICE, the border patrol and the border states to do their job effectively under the current laws, secure the border, get rid of the anchor baby law, and insist that everyone you work with do their job and protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Please don’t throw away our country. Some of us still care. Please be one of them.


This is one of the most important pieces of legislation that will be passed in our lifetime, please do not lost this opportunity to speak out about our nation’s future. Please do not hesitate, the supporters of this legislation are in a hurry to pass this bill, which many of them will not even have time to read in its entirety, the same way Obamacare was passed. The time is now.

Burn the phones on the immigration amnesty bill