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photo by Freedom First

There’s not much time left, do we really want eleven million illegal immigrants to be rewarded amnesty for breaking the law. Countless immigrants will also receive welfare, food stamps and SSI as our current American citizens are already having trouble finding jobs, and our deficit reaches a record high.

It’s time our lawmakers did their job and placed their country’s interests, and the Rule of Law, before their own interests. If this bill did not financially benefit those who are voting yes, would they still vote for it? Would it be cheaper just to build that fence?

Many of these illegal immigrants that qualify for amnesty are currently breaking more laws than entering the country illegally, and this current administration thinks nothing about choosing the side of the illegal criminals rather than doing the right thing.

Call your senator, tell them to honor their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. It’s not immoral to insist people enter our country legally and begin the process to become an American citizen the old fashioned way. Our nation’s future depends on it.