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Smear Campaign in Full Force

Attendees of the two Tea Party Rallies in Washington, D.C. yesterday, were barely home by the time the smear campaign by the Liberal Left had begun. The Liberals are nervous about what they call the “revival” of the Tea Party. It had never really died as they had hoped, although there was a strong organized attempt by the IRS to smother the opposition of what appears to be the IRS as well as the Obama supporters. 

It Couldn’t Happen Here

While the IRS is supposed to be a non-partisan organization, completing perfunctory revenue duties, hence the name, what has become obvious is that it turns out to be another faction of Obama’s campaign of supporters. The real reason for this is not yet completely obvious, although there are several hypotheses, among them that orders for the Tea Party targeting came from the White House, a theory that cannot as yet be proven, but it has not yet been disproved as well.

The Liberals would like nothing more than for the Tea Party to go away. There was speculation that it had died out, supporters had given up interest, when in fact they were being suppressed by the very branch of our government where one would least expect it to happen. Perhaps that’s why the IRS had gotten away with it for so long. Each organization that applied for 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) status had most likely assumed that theirs was the only organization that was having problems getting their final approval, and there were some organizations who were instructed as to what they could and go not do politically or grilled about the content of their prayers. It makes you wonder if this is still 2013 America and not 1933 Germany.

But We’re Helping The Poor

The Obama left had correctly figured out that common, ordinary Americans could be a threat to their agenda, so that they had to take to dirty politics to fight back. All because they probably realize that it’s hard to fight truth, justice and the American way. They realized that the only weapons that conquers all that patriotic fervor are lies, injustices and un-American activities, among them divisiveness, derision, hate and Socialism/Communism/Marxism masked as Social Justice. So much so that they found it necessary to infiltrate the media, the schools, and the churches. All in the name of the common good.

“Who needs the Constitution, that pesky thing?” It just gets in the way of the agenda. But when the Constitution violations keep adding up, you get what appears to be symptoms of a larger disease. That’s what happens when you finally have to take the System to the doctor for a checkup because something doesn’t appear to be quite right. Every advancing day, more and more common, everyday Americans are waking up to the fact that our government has an illness and will probably need some tender loving care. Or at the very least, a good bath.

The Tea Party as David

The story about David and Goliath seems especially appropriate during this volatile time when our country, the whole world in fact, needs to be asking for God’s help more than ever.

It’s no surprise to many that we, as a nation, have moved away from the faith that our parents tried to instill in us as youngsters, for varying reasons. The biggest reason that I have noticed is that people either don’t have time in their busy lives or is just not fashionable anymore. “We have soccer practice and work takes so much time during the week, we’re just going to have some family time on Sundays.”

But if you are old enough, and fortunate enough, to have had any sort of religious education, you will recall the story about David and Goliath. Goliath represents the liberal left, many powerful politicians and people who work for, with and around them, as well as many, many misguided people who are hapless enough to believe all the rhetoric produced by same. Their Manchurian Candidate was carefully chosen to be a black man, groomed by even more powerful people who were not in government at the time when the plan was hatched, because they knew that at some point there would be enough black citizens who could be convinced to vote for him as president based simply on the fact that he was black. It worked.

One thing they didn’t count on, was that David, who knew all along right from wrong, would be compelled to act if called upon, in order to prevent further injustice. In America’s story, which reads like an action novel that eventually turns into an action packed Hollywood movie that is a smash in early millennium theaters across the country. The problem now is: that it’s a bomb, it’s just a remake of a movie set in the U.S.S.R. and we already know the ending.

That’s where the Tea Party comes in. They are the “David” of the story. All the while knowing right from wrong, might doesn’t always make right, and sometimes the little guy wins.

That Only Happens In The Movies

Well, the fight is still on, the script is still being written, the scriptwriters are frantically trying to rework the outline so that it works. After all, they already have so much invested, they really don’t want to tick off the producers, who as we know, have a vested interest in the plot and storyline because they know better than anyone else, this movie had better not flop. They can’t afford to lose.

Stay tuned, keep reading the tabloids (or as some people refer to them, the mainstream media), always juicy reading. It doesn’t even have to be true to be entertaining. Besides which, when the truth is revealed lately, it seems more fantastical than fiction.