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This isn’t the America our grandfathers knew, or even our fathers. When our own government becomes gun runners and sees nothing wrong with it, something is terribly wrong.

As I write this, the House Ways and Means Committee is conducting a hearing to investigate the Internal Revenue Service for targeting specific law-abiding groups whose beliefs differ from those of our sitting President. The policies that the IRS used appear to have been an effort to sit on the applications of the Tea Party groups, and other groups, just long enough for those groups to give up and disband. Although outgoing acting commissioner, Steven Miller, insists he doesn’t know anything, it seems unlikely that he would have escaped from hearing one rumor or another about this policy while in the course of his duties.

What this all comes down to is that the law-abiding are penalized for either being patriots, respecting the Constitution, and for believing that those in our government should do the same. At the same time the law-breakers, the criminals are rewarded, especially if they profess not to know anything.

We are now living in an era where intimidation, ineptness, threat, blackmailing and stonewalling are a way of doing business, especially if you hold a high public office. People who publicly avow their immorality are celebrated and placed on pedestals, and good men and women are shuffled to the back of the bus. We, white people, who grew up believing in equality, racial and gender based for instance; and live their lives and treat people equally and justly according to those same beliefs, are groundlessly accused of being racist by the same people we have been attempting to treat justly. Not only are we attacked verbally of being racist, but it has become sport in many cities to attack and beat white people for being white in the wrong neighborhood. And there’s nothing reverse about that racism, if blacks attack whites either verbally or physically, simply for being white, that is pure racism.

Yesterday Tea Party members protested outside of IRS offices across the country, and expressed their frustration at not being treated fairly, while our president’s brother applied for tax exempt status and received approval very quickly. And he didn’t even have a valid address.

But the one thing stands out from yesterday’s events were the fact that the Department of Homeland Security stood guard in at least one location in case the Tea Party got violent, which still has not happened yet in any of their protests. What is interesting is that DHS was nowhere to be found on May Day during the Communist protests, that actually did turn violent. Not only did the protesters cause property damage, but they attacked the police. The DHS, however, appear to condone any violence that the Communist protesters commit, which speaks volumes by their absence.

The Democrats accuse the Republican party of being racist, because the Republicans have the belief that each American is worthy of respect, dignity, and should be afforded their individual rights under the U.S. Constitution, regardless of their racial origin. The Democrats prefer to divide each race into groups, and afford special privileges to certain groups, so they don’t know it’s a disguised attempt at segregation. All the while, those of us on the Right try to unify citizens by recognizing that we are all Americans.

Many Americans would prefer to wear blinders, than open their eyes and see that our current President and his cronies and minions are working very hard to destroy and dismantle, not only our faith, but our economy, the Constitution, our values and our traditions. We have only to count the scandals to understand how true this is. And until we find a way to convince people to take off their blinders, we law-abiding, patriotic, God fearing Americans will be held hostage until we have a leader who is also law-abiding, patriotic and a God fearing American.