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At a time when the United States is almost as divided politically as before the Civil War, people are choosing sides, drawing names in the sand and voting with their wallets. Our nation is faltering under a failing presidency, which some might say was intentional; our national defense system is being dismantled by our own government; and its citizens are either fed up with the lack of leadership and damaging political correctness or flailing to hang on to a myth that progressivism, which is really communism, actually works in spite of history telling us otherwise.

Yesterday, Twitter joined in the hashtag fest after #SarahPalinFilms experienced a two year hiatus with their contribution of “Iron Sky”. However, Netflix did receive some backlash, over their pathetic attempt to become part of an ongoing national debate over Conservative favorite, Sarah Palin. Many tweeters favorited the tweet, and created tweets of their own using the same hashtag. Liberal tweeters have never had a problem voicing their negative opinion about politicians and celebrities that they don’t care for, although there is a growing number of conservatives who have grown tired of being silent, making their voices heard. Those who think it’s wrong for a large company to lower their standards by engaging in this sort of behavior have already begun to share their opinion with the company, some by cancelling their account.

My letter of cancellation follows:

Dear Netflix,
It is with great regret that I am cancelling my Netflix account. Your decision to immerse your company in partisan politics and portray Sarah Palin in a poor light on Twitter was an extremely bad decision on your part. At a time when our country lacks a true leader who chooses to divide the country, instead of unite, your actions show that it is your intent to join in the effort to divide our nation even more.
I gave you a chance after your fiasco with Qwikster, even after you raised my rates without first giving me a chance to opt out of the DVD mail program. As soon as I realized that you were not first giving your customers a choice whether to use the DVD mail program, I cancelled that portion of my account. It wasn’t long after that that the decent movie options decreased even though the options for good TV shows increased. I still found myself using Amazon and other services. There was even a complete list of movies which would make it easier for someone like me, with eclectic tastes, to choose something to watch. Your algorithms seemed to think it knew best what I liked. It was so off the mark.
Now that your company has entered politics, and have chosen to be part of the debate against conservatism, it isn’t even with great regret that I hereby cancel the remaining portion of my account. And there is not much chance I will be returning as a customer. Good riddance.
[Freedom First]
Shenelle: Very nice to meet you [Freedom First]. I greatly appreciate you for bringing this concern to our attention. Also, I have looked into this and Here at Netflix, we don’t have a political affiliation, and any post from our social media sites are solely intended for entertainment and to promote our content. If you want, I can totally express your feedback by noting your account. We always want to hear what our customers have to say so we can better their Netflix experience. I’d love to make your voice heard, may I go ahead and note your account?
Me: Absolutely. You may not have a political affiliation, but your social media site, which you endorse with your company name, has no problem choosing a side and portraying Sarah Palin in such a pejorative manner. Companies like yours have a responsibility to remain neutral if you are attempting be successful by earning money from both sides of the aisle. If your social media sites have the freedom to use your company name in a political statement, then you, as a company, as are making a political statement.
Shenelle: I totally get what you are saying, trust me. I will make sure your opinion is heard. We are constantly improving out site so that our customers get the best experience possible. Your opinion matters to us and we really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.
Also, Thank you for allowing me to do that! It will make a difference, big time! Are there any other great suggestions you may have that I can pass along? I would greatly appreciate it!
Me: Thank you for listening. Our country is in the midst of a political war right now. People and companies are choosing sides. Remain neutral to stay in business, people are voting with their wallets right now.
Shenelle: Awesome! I love it and thank you for that [Freedom First]!
Me: You’re welcome.
Shenelle: You rock! Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Me: No, that’s it. 🙂
Shenelle: Thank you . It was my pleasure; take care now. And one more thing, if you wouldn’t mind, please stay online for a one question survey!