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It was a horrific week for Boston, Watertown and surrounding areas, the Marathon bombings seemingly occurred right before the entire nation’s eyes. And as we all mourned, not only the loss of lives and limbs, but our sense of national security as well. Then, just as we thought things had calmed down, we stood by, either in our homes on lockdown, or in front of the TV or radio, as we anxiously awaited news that the second bomb suspect had been caught, so that we could regain some semblance of security.

At the same time, so-called reporters and journalists were racially slamming white people, right-wingers and conservatives, as well as attempting to paint a picture of innocence on the alleged bombing suspects. Christiane Amanpour even went so far as to say that it’s understandable for muslims to “hope beyong hope that this doesn’t turn out to be what it might be” and that she too “felt the burden of association”.

If history tells us anything, it is that it repeats itself. While I have not yet heard of a conservative committing a mass murder or an act of terror, muslim extremists have earned their reputation as being dangerous and heartless, all the while putting on a front of calm and serenity. and saying “death to all Jews“. And by the same token, I’m still waiting for the number of Tea Party activists reportedly to have committed the same type of crime. The argument could be put forth that Liberals and Democrats are the worst criminal offenders. Cities with more conservative voters have a lower crime rate than those with more liberal voters. So, when the media accuses the Right of being the major contributor of crime, it appears that they either didn’t do their homework, or don’t want to admit that Conservatives are really just that, conservative.

But yet, even before it was announced that the bombing suspects were both muslim, the leftists in the media were hoping the bomber was white, muslim or a conservative. What’s more, the Obama administration has been doing their best not to label terrorism as having a religious influence, when those of us who actually call a spade a spade have already been saying, that America is in the midst of a Holy War.

It can no longer be possible to hide behind the veil of propaganda, and not label terrorism for what it is: muslim jihad. And now that the frontline is on American soil, it’s more important than ever to label it for what it is.