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Yesterday the Senate shot down an attempt, by the President and others, to limit our Second Amendment freedoms. President Barack Hussein Obama said it was a “pretty shameful day for Washington”, even though it was a victorious day for the U.S. Constitution and its supporters.

President Obama himself, as well as all public officials and military personnel, take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”, but by deconstructing the Constitution, it violates that same oath and goes against constitutional principles.

Gun control, following the wake of the Newtown and Aurora shootings, goes against our constitutional freedoms, and many bills, quite possibly this one as well, are written in haste and are unenforceable. If Obama vowed that this is “just round one”, what does round two and three look like? A repeal of the entire Constitution so that we can all be safe from ourselves? We can’t make and pass laws based on our emotional pain, or a knee jerk reaction to an intentional tragedy.

Senator Ted Cruz, (R-TX) said that Congress should be focused on “stopping violent criminals” but not “targeting law-abiding citizens”. Cruz blamed the Obama Justice Department for failing to prosecute gun criminals, noting that of 48,000 felons or fugitives who tried to obtain weapons, only 44 were prosecuted. Fourty four.Criminals in Chicago, with some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, already know that if they commit a crime with a firearm, the chances that they will be prosecuted are pretty slim, so it’s painfully obvious that without enforcement of the laws that already exist, the laws that severely limit gun ownership, do not effectively decrease gun crimes.

The effort that was put forth in this attempt, and all past and future attempts, at limiting law-abiding citizens from obtaining, owning and passing on their firearms, does nothing but chip away at our constitutional rights. If that same effort had been directed towards enforcing existing laws, and focused on prosecuting and incarcerating criminals, it’s possible that it would have assisted in decreasing violent acts, or at the very least, taking those violent criminals off our streets to make the nation a little bit safer to “save one child”.

Those senators who remembered their oaths, to “support and defend” the Constitution, should be applauded for their patriotic action. Hopefully, it will be a signal to those who would strip us of our rights, one by one, that the Constitution still matters. Yesterday was a victorious day for the U.S. Constitution, but this one only one battle. We haven’t won the war yet.