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President Obama said, in a speech in January 2013, that steps should be taken that would “save even one child from what happened in Newtown”, however; he didn’t say anything about the millions of children lost to abortion.

Each year an average of 833,533 children are killed during an abortion procedure. In 2003 alone, 11,874 unborn children were legally murdered in a late-term abortion procedure.

That’s why I find it hard to believe that our Commander-In-Chief wants to save one white child from gun violence, and is a proponent for late-term abortion. Apparently he is not interested in saving children who are about to be born, children that would otherwise be viable outside the womb in an induced delivery at the same gestation rate as late-term abortions. And then there’s the fact that he is virtually silent on the children murdered by gun violence in Chicago, a city which has the toughest gun laws in the country.

It is contradictory to state that one is for saving one child by gun violence and not to be a proponent for life, or at the very least an opponent of late-term abortion.

Not in the mainstream media news recently, is coverage about the Gosnell Trial. Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, is a multi-million abortion doctor from Philadelphia, who was is on trial for killing babies and endangering women, some women even died from the procedure. Gosnell is reported to have snipped the back of the neck to sever the spinal cord, and even instructed others how to perform the procedure. One former employee even heard one of the babies “screaming after it was delivered during an abortion procedure”. If the same method had been used by a mother after a home delivery, she would be on trial for murder and headed to prison for a very long time, the charge would be Infanticide.

But our faithful President (I use both terms loosely), would rather urge congress to take away our constitutional rights, than protect the rights of soon-to-be-born infants, who, later could very well be taxpayers, or even better: welfare recipients, something Obama himself as fond of. After all, they did vote for him.

What part of “shall not be infringed” do Obama and the majority of Congress not understand? One could almost think that Obama and his cabinet were waiting for an event like Sandy Hook to happen so that they could begin to implement their plan for gun control. After all, Diane Feinstein’s proposal was already written and ready to go. Meanwhile, the Democrats are pushing for stricter gun laws, which will eventually lead to more and more lost Second Amendment Rights, which in turn could lead to more lost First Amendment Rights as well.

What the gun-control proponents do not want the general public to know is that a majority of gun deaths in this country are suicides where a firearm is used. From 2002-2011 there were a total 309,536 gun deaths. Of those gun deaths 197,510 were suicides and 106,820 were homicides. I’d say that suicide is the leading cause for gun related murder.

In contrast, during the same period there were an estimated (my figures) 8,335,533 of abortions. It’s a staggering figure. That’s why it’s hard to believe that Obama and Congress are as interested in saving children from death by gun and not death by intentional medical procedure. And where is the outrage, by Obama, over the deaths of babies by Dr. Gosnell and his staff? Or the children dying by gunfire in Chicago? I thought those tough gun control laws were supposed to make the city safer?

There may be another reason for the heavy push for gun control, and that would be loss of rights. If only one Constitutional Right can be eradicated, it would pave the way for so many others to be erased from our “collective” memory. But one has to wonder: how many freedoms to we have to lose before our big government feels we’ve lost enough? We lost enough already.

Gun Death and Abortion Statistics are below, abortion figures for 2010-2011 are not available from CDC, those these years have been estimated:

Total Abortions: 2002-2011 (estimated and excluding CA & NH*)
   Total: 8,335,533
Total Homicide: 2002-2011: 174,622
Total Gun Deaths 2002-2011:  309,536
    Gun Suicides:    197,510

   Gun Homicides: 106,820
Total Suicides 2002-2011: 345,706
   Gun Suicides: 197,510
Total Abortions 2009 (excluding CA & NH*):
   Total: 784,507
Total Deaths 2009:
Total Gun Deaths: 31,347
   Gun Suicide: 18,735
   Gun Homicide: 11,493
Total Suicides 2009: 36,909
   Gun Suicide: 18,735
 *”Abortions from CA and NH have not been counted by the CDC since 1998, and other states ahve been missing from the totals during that time frame”
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