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– Douglas V. Gibbs, (CanadaFreePress)

The Democrat Party has hoisted Barack Obama up as some kind of liberal, god-like, superhero.  Barry has been very happy to fill the britches of such a false god, but as some kind of anti-hero that, armed with his arrogance, can destroy federal budgets with a single bound.  To the horror of Republicans, even no-nos like gun control and stomping all over freedom of religion has proven to be areas this president is willing go after.  Like every cloud-skipping false-prophet, however, Barry Sotero has his own kind of Kryptonite.

In the case of Barack Obama, the thing that can bring him down, make him falter in mid-air, and drop him miserably to his political knees, is anyone that is willing to articulate American values, and do it in his face.

While the Republicans run around in circles trying to figure out a way to co-exist with the democrats, and their presidential messiah, Dr. Ben Carson took a stab into the side of Barack Obama, and his ultra-liberal policies, with a single speech at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast.  Obama’s balloon began to whistle as the air came rushing out of his ego.  How dare this man embarrass our king, err, uhh, messiah, err, uhh, president like this.  How dare he!

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky went so far as to comment that it was ‘… not really an appropriate place to make this kind of political speech and to invoke God as his support for that kind of point of view.’

Am I right?  Did she say God was not an appropriate thing to mention at a National Prayer Breakfast?  Who were they praying to, then?  Barack Obama?

Dr. Ben Carson is not your typical (as the liberal left sees the world) white, racist, right-wing, extremist, religious-nut, gun clinging, Bible-thumping, conservative maniac.  In fact, Dr. Carson isn’t even a white republican.  He, to the amazement of the democrats, is an honest, God-fearing, common sense American that was willing to simply take Obama to the mat, and expose Barack Obama for the leftist ideologue, and coward, that he really is.

After Dr. Carson’s speech, a giant sigh released somewhere in the conservative stratosphere.  “Yeah,” the TEA Party folks, and the Constitutionalists, and the conservatives cried out.  “That is what I have meant all along!  I just didn’t know how to say it.”

Dr. Carson doesn’t even really consider himself a conservative.  In fact, I am sure that on some issues he may not be one hundred percent in line with the conservative narrative.  But, conservative or not, he articulated conservatism in such a manner that Barack Obama, the democrats, and the liberal media did not know how to respond, at first.

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