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Orly Taitz’s letter to the President of Israel Shimon Peres advising him that he is about to give a medal of distinction to a criminal with forged and stolen IDs, has been picked by Israeli web sites and translated into Hebrew:

Interesting fact: when I tried to fax the letter to President of Israel Shimon Peres, there was a message in Hebrew from the phone company that the fax is blocked. Why would the state department of Israel post on their web site the fax number, which is blocked?

Here is the letter and 137 pages of exhibits  which I am mailing as the fax machine is blocked

Dear Mr, Peres,

I understand that recently you decided to reciprocate the Medal of Freedom that was given to you by Mr. Obama and give him a Presidential award of Distinction. Please, see the attached briefs and documents that show that Mr. Obama is engaged in the most serious crimes of elections frajrd and use of forged and stolen IDs for the purpose of the elections fraud.

Mr. Obama is a citizen of Indonesia – He became a citizen of Indonesia when he resided there from 1969-
1971 with his mother and step father, citizen of lndonesia Lolo Soetoro. Obama is not even his legal
name. Attached passport of his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, show his last name to be Soebarkah. He
was born in Kenya, as evidenced by statements of the Minister of Kenya James Orengo, his own
biography and the sworn affidavit from the assistant clerk of the Registrar of Hawaii. He as using a
Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425, which was never assigned to him according to official
governmental agencies E-Verify and SSNVS and was actually assigned to a Jewish lmmigrant from Russia
Harrison (Harry) J. Bounel (Mr. Bounel was a neighbor of vour cousin Betty Persky, as he resided at 915
Oaly Ave, Bronx, NY between 1935-1940) and Obama/Soebarkah/Soetoro is using a computer
generated forgeries claiming those to be valid copies of a Eenuine birth certificate and selective Service
certificate. There are multiple legal actions in courts today seeking to remove him from office and
prosecute him for elections flaud and use of forged lDs, as well as seeking to prosecute corrupt
governmental officials, U.S. attorneys and judges, who aided and abetted him. I now (sic) that you and your first cousin, Betty Persky, who under pseudonym Lauren Bacall became a famous and beloved U.S.
actress, escaped from Poland and were spared the Holocaust. 65 million people around the world,
among them 6 million lews died due to actions of Adolf Hitler- Hitler’s reign of terror started in 1932
when corrupt German judges and corrupt members of Reichstag looked the other way and did not take
a stand against the Constitutional violations of Hitler. Not one single German judge found Hitler’s
actions to be unconstitutional.

Today in the United States of America we reached the level of corruption and lawlessness which
resembles Nazi Germany in the 1930s or Stalinist Soviet Union of 1917-1977 or Jihadist tran today. lf
World Community does not rise in helping the U.S. citizens in fighting this corruption and criminality in
the U.S. Government, Congress and Judiciary, USA will become another NAZI Germany of 1940s.
You are planning to give Obama a medal of distinction. The question is: distinction in what? ln
criminality? In using all forged and stolen lDs? ln fraud? ln usurpation of the constitutional rights of the U.S. citizens?

You came from a family of well known Rabbis. Would they be proud of you giving a medal to a criminal?
For 68 years you were married to your wife Sonia, who fought for justice during WW2 and beyond.
Would she be proud of you giving a medal of distinction to a criminal?

Obama’s presence in the White House is the biggest embarrassment to this nation. You giving him a
presidential award of Distinction will bethe biggest embarrassmentto the state of lsrael.

Please, write to Mr. Obama and seeking verification of the information provided in the attached
pleadings before you give the aforementioned award and embarrass the state of lsrael, before you give
an award that will need to be taken back.

Dr. Orly Taitz,  ESQ