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– Tim Powers (WesternJournalism)

As most of the taxpayers in America are upset with the low information voters who game the welfare system and refuse to work an honest day in their life to contribute, one thing stands clear. They have great teachers.

 Your typical professional welfare gamer has no problem using their food stamp card to purchase steak and lobster; we have seen this with our own eyes many times in the supermarket. They are handed free housing, free medical care, free child care for the many illegitimate children that they may have, cash assistance, and any other perk that may be available. All without working a day in their life.

Sound familiar? We have a man and his family (including his mother-in-law) living in a house that is owned by the American taxpayer, being fed with food supplied by the American taxpayer, who is able to party with the rich and famous on the American taxpayer’s dime and take separate vacations from his wife, also at the taxpayer’s expense.

Now for his work history. He was absent when Americans were being killed in Benghazi, Libya. He was absent and had to be brought in from the golf course during the Osama Bin Laden raid. He was absent from the funeral of the great American sniper Chris Kyle, who died while trying to help fellow vets.  He has been absent from the conversations concerning America’s fiscal and employment problems. Instead, he concentrates on things that will give more perks to him and his fellow welfare recipients. Read more here.