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– CapBlack (WesternJournalism)

America’s comic book art form has inspired citizens to perform good deeds and even stop crime in progress.

It draws its appeal from biblical and classical lessons from Antiquity, updated for modern audiences hungry for heroes in these uncertain times.

“Real-life superheroes (RLSH)” is what the MSM calls us. Yes, I said “us.” I’m not only Cap Black online; that’s who I am on the streets too.

Since 2008, I took my various creative patriot activities and placed them under one superhero-inspired real-life username, “Cap Black.”

RLSH at that time were a great group of guys who encouraged each other to do more and better creative good.

As years went on, I noted many of them were politically left-of-center, but still supporters of private solutions to public problems.

I wish they’d pass this DIY ethic along to the Democrat Party!

I added “The Hood Conservative” to my Cap Black username to underscore the cultural crisis I faced as a creative patriot in the Hood.

Liberalism is the super-villain faced in these ugly zip codes. Thugs I call chocolate Klansmen, drugs, low morals, and squalor are all this ideological poison mass-produces.

Progressive RLSH can’t bring themselves to quite make this connection, despite regular humanitarian visits to these areas.

As an openly conservative RLSH, I’ve encountered more than a few masked Marxists who were once bosom buddies.

Like more conventional communities, liberals here are open-minded and welcoming UNTIL you state you’re (gasp!) a conservative or a Republican.

Then the rumor mill starts churning, and imagined wrongs are trumped up to unsuccessfully smear said conservative.

But as a square as I am, each attempt resulted in an epic fail!

Another creative patriot is my partner in our Heroes of America Facebook page. He’s the one and only Justin Tyme: The Redneck Superman!

He promotes patriotism, being a born-again Christian supporting police and the military. He’s also an excellent online graphic designer, which comes in handy for our Heroes of America Facebook page, where we creatively support conservatism without apology. Read more here.