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– Emily Zanotti (DailyCaller)

He may have been trying to parlay his turn at giving the  response into the start of a presidential campaign, but  chalked up an accomplishment last Tuesday night that few Republican politicians — or activists, for that matter — can lay claim to: creating, and embracing, a moment in culture.

After he took that dastardly, ostensibly “career-killing” sip of water on air, you could almost smell the avalanche of media coverage as it slowly wound its way across the landscape. They were honing in on a public foible like Kardashians to a camera. But instead of crying foul and whining to a friendly outlet about the persistent victimization of conservatives, Rubio and his staff saw an opportunity to inject themselves seamlessly into the cultural conversation. Within hours, they had responded with creative tweets, morning talk show appearances and a branded water bottle campaign that netted $100,000 for his super PAC.

And despite the 200 separate thirst-for-power puns churned out by MSNBC, Rubio’s chances at stardom were not lost. In fact, if anything, his sense of humor came across as a deliberate attempt at humanization, and a step in the right direction. Read more here.