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Michael Farris, Founder and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, which is representing an evangelical Christian German family who are trying to get asylum in the US so they can homeschool their children, is concerned at the arguments being made by the US Justice Department in opposing this case.

The background is that Germany bans homeschooling and thus forces children to participate in their public school system. Because this is essentially a universal ban on everyone in Germany with only rare exemptions, the Justice Dept. argues that it is not discriminatory and therefore argues that it is not a violation of the fundamental rights of this family.

Farris argues that in most asylum cases, “there is some guesswork necessary to figure out the government’s true motive” behind the ‘oppressive law’. But in this case he says there is no guesswork needed:

“The Supreme Court of Germany declared that the purpose of the German ban on homeschooling was to ‘counteract the development of religious and philosophically motivated parallel societies.”

Farris says this is nothing more than totalitarianism dressed up in politically correct lingo:

“It is thought control. It is belief control. It is totalitarianism dressed up in politically correct lingo.”

Yet despite all of this, the US Justice Dept. under Holder is fighting this case on the grounds that if your host country bans something universally and equally enforces it, then there is no fundamental right to that ‘something’. For more of the article and video go here.