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Famous 2nd-Amendment defender scores big with filmgoers

– Michael Thompson (WND)

WASHINGTON – Hollywood legend Bruce Willis’ latest entry in the “Die Hard” franchise took No. 1 in the box office over the long President’s Day weekend, bucking a trend of flops by his “Expendables” co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Both Stallone and Schwarzenegger’s recent box office flops come at a time when they decided to label the Second Amendment “expendable.”

In contrast to Stallone and Schwarzenegger, Willis, starring in “It’s a Good Day to Die Hard,” had come out in defense of the right to bear arms as Democrats in Washington propose unprecedented restrictions on guns.

Debuting in theaters on Feb. 13, “A Good Day to Die Hard” – the fifth installment in the series – has taken in a total of $38.3 million domestically, with another $79.6 million internationally for a worldwide total of $112 million.

In fact, “A Good Day to Die Hard” has made more in its opening week of release domestically ($33 million) than both “Bullet to Head” – which debuted Feb. 1 – and “The Last Stand,” which came out on Jan. 18, have made combined. Read more here.