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– Billy Hallowell

It’s no secret that rock musician Ted Nugent has disdain for President Barack Obama’s policies. The outspoken conservative recently attended the State of the Union Address, later dismissing the president’s gun control proposals as “more nonsense” that will do little to save American lives. Following the speech, NBC’s Luke Russert interviewed Nugent and, on Wednesday, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir analyzed the exchange, accusing the rocker of having an “obsession with fecal matter.”

Bashir brought Russert, Democratic strategist Julian Epstein and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart on his show to discuss Nugent’s presence at the State of the Union and to dissect the somewhat contentious interview that Russert conducted with the musician.

At the start of the segment, Bashir showed portions of the dialogue. In the short clips, Nugent commented about his recent claim that Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) has “s**t for brains” and the rock star also joked that he had “s**t” his pants in an effort to get out of his interview with Russert.

After the reporter explained his back-and-forth with Nugent, Bashir turned his questioning to Capehart.

“Jonathan, Mr. Nugent appears to have some kind of obsession with fecal matter. Is this, do you think, a personal fetish or a personal problem?”

Capehart responded with, “Oh Lord, Martin,” then he proceeded to say that he thought Nugent’s presence in the chamber at the State of the Union was problematic and that it was representative of the poor state of public debate in America. For more of the article go here.