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– da Tagliare

Since taking office four years ago, President Barack Obama has been steadily eviscerating the power of the US military, one slice at a time.  Is it really about budget or setting the US for a military takeover by another power?

First he pushed to allow gays to openly serve, which saw the evacuation of a number of good and morally sound military leaders and troops.

Next, he started attacking Christians in the military, stripping them of the symbols of their faith (while not stripping Muslims of the symbols of their faith).  He also pushed new regulations that tried to force military chaplains to go against their faith by performing same-sex marriages and opening up their chapels for those ceremonies.  Chaplains were threatened with court martial for failing to comply.

Then Obama started apologizing for everything our military did against other nations, instead of backing them up.  A growing number of military personnel do not feel that Obama has their back nor does he support them in their duties.

In the name of economics, he orders Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to slice the Pentagon budget by over 20%.  The result is a reduction of troops in all branches of the military.  It also means a reduction of weapons, aircraft and warships.

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