– Freedom First

On January 15, 2013 a mayor stood up for the 2nd Amendment, Mayor Scott Dudley. It wouldn’t be so surprising, except that in this political climate, with people like Professor Seidman urging Americans to give up on the U.S. Constitution, any show of patriotism is a heroic endeavor.

There was a city council meeting in Oak Harbor, WA, to discuss whether or not public places like city parks, or council chambers should be gun free zones. Wounded military Lucas Yonkman spoke out against it, saying that one of the reasons he carries is to protect himself and the ones around him should the need arise, after which City Councilman Rick Almberg asked Mayor Dudley to ask if Yonkman was “armed right now”. Mayor Dudley replied “Would it matter?”, then asked the city attorney if “we have to ask”. The city attorney answered that “this is the time set aside for the council to accept citizen comments. I’m not sure that there’s anything in your council rules or procedures that invite the council to ask questions in return but if the individual is willing to answer the question that’s fine but this is the time for citizens to address the council, not the other way around.” Mr. Yonkman replied that he was “fully comfortable answering that question. Yes I have a conceal carry permit and I am conceal carrying at this moment. I would hope that people felt comfortable with that due to the fact that I am a trained professional with a weapon and that I served my country for over five years in Afghanistan and sustained wounds in protection of those rights and if there was an issue I would protect any person whether I knew them or not with my own life so I hope you feel comfortable with that.”

At which time Almberg made a motion to ask them to check their weapon with the police chief or leave the premises. The motion was seconded and voted on, Almberg and another councilman voted “aye” and four councilman voted against it. Almberg then excused himself and left the chambers.

Mayor Scott Dudley then asked interim city attorney, Grant Weed, about the legality of Almberg’s motion. He said that “because of the pre-emption in state law as I think I may have alluded to earlier tonight such an action would be invalid and unforceable and likely would not be a lawful directive in the event a police chief or others were asked to enforce such action, but since such action was not taken it essentially becomes moot.”

The next thing that happened was something that in the past would have been commonplace, routine, a city mayor referred the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and defended it. There are those, like Almberg, who side with our tyrannical government, who are making continual attempts to undermine the U.S. Constitution, do away with the Rule of Law and create “feel good” laws that do nothing but undermine what our Founding Fathers stood for, in an effort to create a new society. Mayor Dudley should be applauded for his outstanding comments made after the failed motion to create a gun free zone in the council chambers.

Here’s what he said: “That’s exactly what seems to be the understanding, I apologize to….  Mr. Yonkman for the situation where in this case we have a couple council member and these were the same council members that also tried to dictate whether you could wear a hat in council chambers now are trying to take your right to bear arms away. They’re stating that whether it’s their fearful or uncomfortable because of your attendance. I on the other hand feel safer that you’re here. If we were to play out hypotheticals in reference to an elected official being concerned about somebody harming it’s not going to be coming from the likes of you. So, I appreciate your attendance this evening I think it definitely opens the eyes of the public in reference to how some elected officials are choosing to go up and beyond the scope of their elected position to take away your rights. As a council member,” he then held up his framed oath of office, “we end up having to take an oath. This was my oath when I was on the city council. We as council members have to solemnly swear that we would support the Constitution of the United States and the constitution and laws of the State of Washington that we would faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the office of council member of the city of Oak Harbor. We have to swear to that, that we take that oath. This evening we had a couple council members that were doing just the opposite. And so I apologize for that possible action. I’m glad that we didn’t get to that point but once again I apologize for you having to go through that, you took that in great stride. You didn’t have to answer the questions by some council members, you still chose to do that, that being said. We need to remember the oath that we took whether it’s as a mayor, whether it’s as city council members that we are not able to, no matter how much you want to, infringe on the rights of others. That’s not our job you’re not able to do that.”

There are many people like Mayor Dudley, willing to speak out in defense of the U.S. Constitution, there need to be more.