– Freedom First

handgun_holster_ap980.jpgThree weeks ago the Oak Harbor city council convened to discuss whether public areas such as city parks, marinas, and council chambers, should be gun free zones in an effort to protect the public. City council member Rick Almberg first asked the mayor to inquire whether one of the attendees, Lucas Yonkman, had a weapon, then made an attempt at a motion to have attendees “check their weapon with the police chief or to leave the premise.” which was then voted on. The motion did not pass. Almberg excused himself and left. Mayor Scott Dudley apologized to Yonkman, and commented on the oath of office, theU.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Washington.

The council met again this past Tuesday, and this time there were 160 people in the crowd, many of whom were openly carrying holstered handguns, and rifles in defense of the 2nd Amendment and to show support for wounded Afghanistan veteran, Lucas Yonkman, whom Mr Almberg tried to have removed at the previous meeting. One attendee, Joe Hawkins, addressed Mr Almberg saying “Mr. Almberg, I just want you to know that I have a concealed ham sandwich right here. I don’t want you to get up and walk away,” and chuckled.

Many of the attendees were there to oppose the unconstitutional gun ban in city parks and the marina. Many spoke out in defense of the 2nd Amendment, and that gun free zones are killing zones, and that “more guns in public places make more people dead.” The Second Amendment Foundation had threatened to sue if the ordinance wasn’t overturned.

William Frail had an M-1 rifle on his shoulder as he testified. “Sir, my mother was Jew,” he said. “My family went to the chambers. I will not go into the night quietly while these two ask me to board the train.”

Lucas Yonkman addressed the council as well  “I come to you tonight with a heavy heart,” Yonkman said. “I see a beautiful country divided and conflicted. I see a constitution being eroded, and the rights so many have fought and died for totally lost. I see men and woman who are elected leaders pushing personal agendas.”

Yonkman believes the answer to mass shootings and community violence will be found in treating those with mental illness, instead of taking guns away.

A few people called for the resignation of fellow city council member, Almberg. The city council eventually voted to overturn the ban, which the interim city attorney, Grant Weed, had told the members was unconstitutional.  After the meeting, he said he hopes the city can move past this and get onto more important business.