– Brandon Darby

After one of the most expensive congressional races and recounts of 2012 between Rep. Allen West (R) and now Rep. Patrick Murphy (D), Houston-based True the Vote has committed to exposing exactly what happened in St. Lucie County–including hauling Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker into federal court.

True the Vote filed a federal lawsuit against Walker, the controversial election administrator, for failure to comply with federal law. The Motor Voter law of 1993 grants the right to inspect election records, and ought to allow True the Vote to perform a “comprehensive, third-party audit” of the recount, the group claims.Vote-counting in St. Lucie County, according to both the lawsuit and local press accounts, was deeply troubled, involving considerable confusion and missed deadlines in the original tabulation and subsequent recount.

Thus far, Walker has failed to comply with True the Vote’s requests to inspect the election records. The request included, among other things, all records of Walker ensuring non-citizens and ineligible voters did not participate in the Congressional election.

True the Vote Founder and President Catherine Engelbrecht outlined the importance of this lawsuit, stating:

“This dramatic recount was an extraordinary example of how our elections can suffer systematic failure. We run the risk of seeing episodes like this becoming ordinary if citizens do not demand answers and hold election officials accountable. The American people own the voting system–we have the right to ask tough questions when we witness the failure of one of America’s core functions.”A key demand by the national election integrity watchdog is a request that the federal court order the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections to “preserve all election records, in whatever form, relating to the 2012 Federal general election for Florida’s 18th Congressional District,” according to the text of the lawsuit.