– Mike Flynn, Breitbart

Last Friday, the Obama campaign fired up its vaunted voter machine and urged supporters to call Congress in support of gun control. The email alert to Obama’s list of more than 20 million supporters was intended to flood Congress with calls in support of the President’s gun control proposals. After a week, it is clear the effort fizzled.

The Obama campaign’s action alert last week tickled lefty journalists like BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith. The White House stenographer took to twitter to boast about the mobilization.

So Messina unleashed the kraken on the congressional switchboard today— Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) January 25, 2013

Yeah, not so much.

Breitbart News talked with a dozen Congressional offices, in both the Senate and the House. None reported any increase in calls as a result of Obama’s action alert. One Senate office said that, in the week since the alert went out, they had received around 20 calls in support of gun control and around 150 in support of gun rights.

Without a doubt, Obama has built an impressive turnout machine for elections. His campaign has vowed to use this to mobilize on issues important to the White House. This initial failure, however, suggests it will be difficult to translate voter’s personal support of the President to specific issues.

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