– Cindy Hammond

Americans have been asked to give our guns, a natural right given to us by God and the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. It is treasonous to even suggest such a thing. Apparently Professor Seidman is testing the waters to see if the American public is even going to put up with such rhetoric. “President” Obama, a man who somehow made it to the White House as our sitting president without so much as a background check, would be more than happy to hear that his royal subjects, his uninformed voters, would go along with such bizarre and radical tactic. 
“From Georgetown law professor Louis Michael Seidman:

I’ve got a simple idea: Let’s give up on the Constitution. I know, it sounds radical, but it’s really not. Constitutional disobedience is as American as apple pie. For example, most of our greatest Presidents — Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson, and both Roosevelts — had doubts about the Constitution, and many of them disobeyed it when it got in their way.

To be clear, I don’t think we should give up on everything in the Constitution. The Constitution has many important and inspiring provisions, but we should obey these because they are important and inspiring, not because a bunch of people who are now long-dead favored them two centuries ago. Unfortunately, the Constitution also contains some provisions that are not so inspiring. For example, one allows a presidential candidate who is rejected by a majority of the American people to assume office. Suppose that Barack Obama really wasn’t a natural-born citizen. So what? Constitutional obedience has a pernicious impact on our political culture. Take the recent debate about gun control. None of my friends can believe it, but I happen to be skeptical of most forms of gun control. I understand, though, that’s not everyone’s view, and I’m eager to talk with people who disagree.”
If a criminal was at your front door trying to break it down, what is the first thing that you would do? Would you open the door and welcome him in? Maybe ask him if he wants a cold drink while he is going through your gun cabinet? I know, bring him a plate of cookies while he rummages through the jewelry cabinet, unashamedly tossing all your finest treasures in a tote bag without even wrapping them carefully. No, wait…I know, let’s give him the keys to the front door, so that he can come back and rob you of more treasures after you replace what he took the first time. 
The U.S. Constitution is our security system, the 2nd Amendment is the key to the front door. If we willingly give up the 2nd Amendment, or fail to protect it adequately, the robber will just use the key to the door and enter at will. If we give up the U.S. Constitution entirely, there will be no need for the 2nd Amendment, even if we keep the door locked (keep our guns), the robber will just come in through the window and unlock the door (attack civilians attempting to protect themselves and their country).

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution with people like Professor Seidman in mind, and Barack Obama, or whatever his real name is. Not only is it our right to retain the Constitution, but it is our duty to protect and uphold it as steadfastly as we possibly can. You see, there are a number of people who would love to see us give in, and give up the Constitution. Because if you can’t disarm the public, you can at least disarm the security system. And I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let anyone in my front door who is not welcome.

It’s time to stand up, speak out, and hold tight to our United States Constitution. Our Founding Fathers were able to foresee this as a possibility. E Pluribus Unum – Out of many, one. We, the people. The people of the United States. Without the our U.S. Constitution we will be many people, scattered, without a country.