– Joe Nathan Dewight

You can’t! It will drive you crazy if you try. If you have an IQ that is even slightly higher than that of a donkey, you will try to use logic, reason, and reality. All of those concepts are lost on the Liberals.

Monday, I watched Obama address the Nation; and if I didn’t know better, I would have thought it was a comedy show. It reminded me of the old Mork and Mindy sitcom from about 1975. Nothing Obama was saying had anything to do with the real world. It was like he was watching one show and we were watching a different show, but he just assumed that everyone always watched the same shows that he does. He had been watching and was talking about “Snow White”, but we had been watching “The Three Little Pigs”.

For example, he said that Congress has never blocked the raising of the debt ceiling like the Republicans are doing now. He went on to say that even when it was a Republican trying to raise the debt ceiling, the Democrats did not offer any resistance. DUH! Of course they didn’t. The Democrats have never had a debt ceiling they didn’t want to raise.

I’m sure you noticed that he didn’t say that the Democrats have never fought a Republican President about the debt ceiling, but he said the Democrats have never fought a President when he wanted to raise the debt ceiling.

So if you try to understand Obama and the Liberal mindset, you cannot use your logic, reason, or sense of reality if you want to remain a Conservative. Because once you stop using logic, reason, and reality, you become just another Democrat.