Coming conference dishes details on how to be effective in battle
– Bob Unruh

Tired of federal mandates on issues such as health care? Concerned about the nation’s future with an aggressive White House agenda to ban guns? Worried about the constant rampant spending on phantom projects? Just plain tired of Barack Obama’s idea of America?

There’s a conference coming – studded with high-profile speakers such as Monica Crowley, John O’Sullivan, Phyllis Schlafly and Marshall Teague – that’s just for you. It will teach you how to engage in the political and social battles, and organizers say it will teach you to come out the victor.

Hosted by the Constitution Coalition, events at the Educational Policy Conference are scheduled Jan. 24-26 at the Hilton in St. Louis, and organizer Donna Hearne told WND the issue isn’t complicated, and those who are familiar with America’s founders, founding documents and history already know all about it.

It’s that America as a nation was set up and intended for a “moral people.”

But now, she said, “America is facing a poverty of information on our founding principles, so severe that it threatens the future of freedom.”

General information about the conference is on the website, but for attendance plans, please call 636-386-1789.

“What we’re attempting to do is reacquaint people with the full depth of why the First Amendment was so important. … Why we as Americans need to be very familiar with it, as well as be able to explain it,” she said.