excerpt from original article:

….Specifically, if Obama is seeking an “imperial presidency,” as conservative radio talker Mark Levin correctly observes, there are ways to deal with such overreach within the political system–and there are ways not to. And Republicans have to learn the difference between effective opposition and simply throwing their political lives away on empty gestures.

Yes, Virgil understands how maddening it must be for the right when the President attacks Republicans for positions that he himself once held. During his Monday press conference, for example, Obama denounced Congressional Republicans for attempting to negotiate spending cuts in return for an increase in the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling, he intoned, must never be a political football. So never mind that as a Senator, back in 2006, Obama had played his own kind of political football with the debt ceiling. Indeed, the Washington Post’s fact-checker compared President Obama in 2013 to Senator Obama in 2006 and declared his reversal to be–shifting sports-metaphors here–“a major-league flip-flop.”

Speaking of liberals, we might note that Fox News talking head Kirsten Powers described Obama at his Monday press conference as “petulant,” adding that he was “acting annoyed that people were asking him questions.” Annoyed at us? Well, we’re annoyed at him, because he’s a flip-flopper.

Yet of course, liberal or MSM criticism of Obama’s annoying outrageousness is vanishingly scarce. As Fred Barnes wrote recently, “No president in my lifetime has been covered so favorably.” We might note that Barnes was born in 1943, so his lifetime includes such media favorites as FDR and JFK. Thus there’s every reason to think that Obama’s “four-year honeymoon,” as Barnes describes it, will prove to be an “eight-year honeymoon.” That’s not a good thing, but it’s a true thing–and so Republicans have to factor Obama’s fawning media coverage into their own strategic calculations.

Indeed, Obama skates over everything. As a January 13 Wall Street Journal editorial pointed out, he complains about rising health-care costs, all the while acting as if he has had nothing to do with health-care policy over the last four years. Is it an outrage that he ignores his own past claims that Obamacare would stop the rise in health-care costs? And that now we are left with a clunker of a health bill and rising costs? Of course it’s outrageous. But it’s an outrage that the MSM will ignore, and so the rest of us will have to work all the harder to make that point to the American people.

And now, of course, comes the big fight over guns–our guns. That’s the issue that provoked Levin’s “imperial presidency” comment, and again, Levin is spot-on. Not only is Obama pushing gun-grabbing legislation, but he also intends to push gun-grabbing executive orders–23 at last count, and who’s to say there won’t be more.