– Judi McLeod

In an increasingly upside-down world, we’re now being Mainstream media-warned that Obama is getting more aggressive.

And just to think we’re getting that message as if a President of the United States of America getting more aggressive is normal.

“The wide-ranging proposals on gun control that Barack Obama is expected to announce tomorrow (Jan. 16) symbolize the change in attitude accompanying his second presidential term.

Rapidly accelerating a process that began during his campaign, Obama since November has confidently picked fights with Republicans—and challenged the most conservative members of his own party—on a broad range of foreign-policy and domestic social issues. Besides gun control these include immigration, the pace of withdrawal from Afghanistan and the nomination of Republican senator Chuck Hagel as Defense secretary, a red flag for the GOP’s neo-conservative wing.” (National Journal, Jan. 16, 2013)

“Picking fights with Republicans”, “challenging the most conservative members of his own party” is not Barack Hussein Obama at his worst.

It’s how his unchecked policies are dismantling the USA that is the real problem.

As politicians, the GOP’s neo-conservative wing can, or should be, able to look after themselves.

It’s the innocent masses which need protection from a “getting more aggressive” president.

With all the marbles ( the money supply, the mainstream media, the social media, unending executive orders, at your disposal) and absolutely loathing the country you were elected to serve, you are no longer a president like all those who came before you, but a bully.

Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh did a superb job yesterday of describing the “Revenge of Obama”, but why is it that not a single elected official is not demanding to know where Obama gets off seeking revenge.

Is this behavior in a president adult, normal or even acceptable?

The lion’s share of Obama’s time in office has been dishing on the US. No US enemy at home or abroad has done a better job. Obama is systematically tearing apart everything that brought America to its noble place in the world, scattering those parts into the four winds—and even showing he enjoys it.

Why is no one in office demanding to know why?

More importantly, why is no one trying to stop him?

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