President announces 23 executive actions on guns

Barack Obama today announced a sweeping set of directives that he intends will cut down on Americans’ access to guns, setting the stage for a constitutional battle with states where lawmakers already are openly defying the latest power grab by the White House.

His plan would demand federal access to the details every time an uncle sells a .22 to a nephew, would ban some weapons outright through a limit on ammunition capacity, would waive medical privacy laws in some cases so individuals can be reported, and others.

But states already have begun fighting back, and one state, Missouri, is looking at a plan that would simply cancel any “act, order, law, statute, rule, or regulation of the federal government upon a personal firearm” and make any federal agency trying to enforce such limits guilty of a Class D felony.

At Obama’s news conference, Vice President Joe Biden said he admired the “grace and resolve” of families of the Newtown, Conn. school shooting victims.

“The president and I are going to try to everything we can to match the resolve you’ve exhibited,” he said. He called it a “moral obligation” to try to prevent any future shootings.

He said he met with representatives of 229 groups to come up with ideas for what Obama could do to crack down on guns.

“We must do what we can now, and there is no person who is more committed to acting … than the president,”