– Judi McLeod

There must be a gargantuan Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole somewhere in God’s Little Green Acres where most, if not all, petitions go.

And surely the most stupid petitions of all are the ones on the WhiteHouse.gov website, seeing that it is the White House most petitioners are petitioning against.

Even Obama ineligibility diehards use WhiteHouse.gov petitions to demand that Obama resign. (Fat chance of that notwithstanding).

If you want your state to secede, don’t count on Obama’s blessing. If you want mercy from the non-stop executive orders, it won’t be forthcoming from the Marxist squatting on the White House.

Isn’t there anything in writing somewhere that people who petition their enemies in power should have their heads read?

Latest on the petition circuit is Senator Rand Paul entreating Americans on a Human Events send out to “sign this petition demanding your Congressman and Senators OPPOSE Big Labor’s Card Check Forced Unionism Bill before it’s too late.” Human Events, Jan. 15, 2013).

Being on the inside now, the good senator must surely realize that letters, emails, faxes, telephone calls and petitions to Senators and Congressmen, (by and large) fall on deaf ears.

The American way of life is being regulated to death by a self-appointed agent of destruction called Barack Obama, Senator Paul, and it’s going to take a good deal more than petitions to get him to curb his style.

This is the America whose temperature was taken this morning: The Dems are cleaning the imaginary lint off their tuxedos hoping to get a seat next to their favourite Hollywood celeb at the Inauguration Ball; the Repubs are pretending there’s nothing they can do to bring America back to America, and stubbornly pretending not to feel the pain of the Obama rope tightening around their necks or the prospect of being caught in the glare of the Marxist Projection Blame Game, so unmercifully spun by Artful Dodger Barack.

Is it any wonder why frustration is at an all time high among average Americans?

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