– Billy O’Hallowell, The Blaze

Last night, CNN’s Piers Morgan appeared on “The Colbert Report” to discuss firearms in America and the Second Amendment. During the comical exchange, comedian Stephen Colbert questioned Morgan’s recent gun control diatribes — and his knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. After introducing the CNN personality as ”a talk show host who thinks he’s best for America,” Colbert quickly began launching his quips.

“I mean this in the most respectful way possible. Get the f**k out of here,” he told Morgan. “Do you understand, to an American ear, what it sounds like to have an English accent telling us how to live our lives?”

Morgan, while laughing, admitted that such a notion is, indeed, an annoyance. Of course, Colbert wasn’t done there.

“Do you hate the United States Constitution?,” he repeatedly asked the CNN host, at one point handing him a pocket-sized copy of the historical document.

While the exchange was colored by comedy and was not serious in nature (after all, this is Colbert), Morgan did take a few moments to defend his views. He invoked the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook, claiming that the incident should be an example that spawns both intense concern and action among the public.

“I think when 20 young children get blown to pieces, America should say, ‘Something has to be done,’” Morgan proclaimed.

Colbert did note that some have accused Morgan of “pumping up” his ratings by bringing “crazy people” on his program. Here, he was likely referring to Alex Jones’ appearance on “Piers Morgan Tonight” — a fiery exchange that subsequently went viral.

Watch the comical exchange, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)