That could be a long post! For now, let’s just note one aspect of the news media’s biased gun coverage: the media frequently paint the National Rifle Association as a sinister, shadowy organization that exercises a mysterious power over legislation. Thus this Yahoo News headline on a Christian Science Monitor article:
This is silly. Obviously, Congress has the “muscle” to pass whatever it wants to, and neither “gun lobby”–either pro or con–has any power to dictate to Congress. What is happening is that the pro-gun control forces don’t have the votes for the unconstitutional legislation they would like to enact. So, rather than acknowledging that gun control is unpopular, our media moguls prefer to attribute its failure to unexplained machinations by the NRA.
Will the ignorance on firearms ever end? If they insist on writing about guns, isn’t it reasonable to expect that news organizations will employ someone, a reporter or editor, who knows something about them?

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