PPS’s Carl Gallups Update On Obama Eligibility Scandal: 

Plan B Is In The Works; Sheriff Arpaio Obama Investigation Update 

Excerpts Via Carl Gallups PPS Video Update:

A few weeks back we reported to you at PPS that some surprises were in the work on the Obama citizenship scandal. We reported  that we expected some breaking news on the matter within weeks. The particular event that we expected did not happen, but only through a very strange and unfortunate set of circumstances. However, do not be dismayed, as it turns out the plan b for the matter may turn out to be a more powerful revelation event than the first planned one. Since it still involves some of the same major players and perhaps even more major players this time. – ( Birther Report: previous PPS report here )

We still cannot reveal the details of the plan however I can report with honesty and accuracy these two facts:

1. A potentially monumental Plan B exposure of the Obama fraud is in the works by very reliable and competent people. The plan involves people who will easily garner national attention to the matter. […]

2.  PPS has been in direct contact with the Sheriff Arpaio investigation. We have just again been assured by Lt. Mike Zullo lead investigator that the investigation and potential angles of prosecution are still going full steam ahead. Just because it’s not in the news right now does not mean they are not feverishly working on the matter. There could be some big announcements in the case soon and forthcoming.

Remember, Richard Nixon was in his second term when he was impeached and removed from office. This is not over with yet. […]

FULL VIDEO STATEMENT BELOW: – ( Birther Report: previous PPS report here ) – Hat tip Ann.