– Judi McLeod

Find a foxhole. Your president is about to declare war on you.

Have it ready before Barack Hussein Obama brings out the truncheons directly following his second inauguration.

Obama did not hightail it back to a $4-million Hawaii holiday for R&R after the fiscal cliff fiasco. Whatever is coming after inauguration is being planned against America far away from Washington, DC.

The Obama regime is on a roll. After inauguration, the most anti-American president ever elected is coming after your country for real, the main difference being that the Fundamental Transformation of America is no longer a vague theory, but is now ready for implementation.

For the observant, the signposts along an ever darkening road can be picked out. All roadblocks to the Fundamental Transformation of America have been quietly removed. The regime controls everything you see and hear, with the mainstream media in Obama’s back pocket; social networks at his fingertips. Hollywood stars, who will fill empty seats at inauguration events, now stand in for anti-gun YouTube government ads. The Republican Party has caved and spends the lion’s share of its time fighting off conservatives in the TEA Party Movement in the corners.

Resistance, as the saying goes, is futile.

With a more than 100-year-old agenda now charging full-speed ahead, ready to eclipse society, you would think that the progressives would be gleeful, but they’re not.

The first day after New Year’s, personal physical threats hit an all time high on the Internet.

Obamabots have returned to the Net to clear the path.

Millions who voted against Obama and millions who stayed home on November 6 are understandably on edge.

The world has changed and the biggest change is the regime is coming to take away a 236-year reign of freedom and prosperity.

A new underground resistance travels the fruited plain by word of mouth.

It is time to work on reversing the threat of “They’re coming to take you away” by going to ground. You don’t have to hoist a neon sign on the radar screen to show you are against the regime.

There is no need to advertise what you are doing as a member of the new ‘underground resistance’.

Form neighbourhood cells with family and friends, even if your cell is just you and one other neighbour.

If you need a name for allegiance to a loosely-knit new group that won’t cost you any money and won’t expose your name, try this one for size: P.R.A.Y. (Please Restore America Yourself).

P.R.A.Y. is based on something all freedom lovers should be doing: Pray, pray, pray.

You don’t need a church to pray, although if you are comfortable with the one you currently attend, you can pray there.

But praying at home with your family members is even better. No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Comforting and convenient, praying can be done anywhere. In the farmer’s field, in your car, walking home from the bus stop.

Now’s the time to keep debilitating depression at bay. Stop watching things bound to depress you. Unplug your television. Pay the talking heads the same attention you would the bling of the upcoming inaugural ball.

Don’t fall for everything you read on the Net. Propaganda and false flag operations dominate the news of the day. Read websites with proven veracity like the Drudge Report and forward only those things you know to be absolutely true to friends on your email list.

Keep in touch with trusted email friends and out-of-town relatives daily. Help others wherever you can.

Get out of debt. Learn to get by with less. Share, even if it is only with one other person. Your grandparents survived tough times because they learned how to make do with less.

Don’t trust politicians of any political strip. It is you and not them who will do best for your families.

Ignore the hatred of any enemy who would brand you as a gun-loving racist. Besides your Creator, you, and only you, know who you really are. Spread good cheer and good will around you wherever you are. Make every day like Christmas. Live each day as if it’s going to be your last. Not because it is, but because it’s the best way to guarantee your treatment of others.

All that’s left in current reality is to hunker down and wait the regime out. Fate, including death by natural causes, catches up with dictators no matter how rich and powerful.

You are waiting to be led out of the darkness and waiting for the arrival of leaders who, although they sometimes take a long time to step forward (Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill), always emerge.

Though these days seem the worst, we have been here before in many dark chapters strewn throughout history. In the end, humanity has always come out of the darkness into the light.

Avoid at all costs falling into the hopeless abyss of “nowhere to run” when your home could be your best foxhole. Even if you live alone, you are not alone as someone is always with you.

It is to that Someone that you should pray, pray, pray.

No matter what the regime has planned; how ugly the days ahead, P.R.A.Y. (Please Restore America Yourself) will see you through.