– Douglas V. Gibbs

There is an old saying: “History is written by the winners.”  That is not always necessarily so.  History is often written by the well funded, the most devious, and in today’s society, whoever controls media and the education system.  History, however, can be discovered if one is willing to look, and for America, our history has always flowed through the United States Constitution.
An old liberal friend, who I have battled with Online for years upon years, told me recently that he believes that there is no longer a Republican Party and a Democrat Party. Instead, we have a political machine.  Tom may be right.  I really don’t buy into the right/left paradigm in the ways that many folks believe.  There is a left versus right war going on, but the establishment has blurred the lines, and have now hijacked that battle for their own use.
A listener of my radio program, and reader of my website, in Orlando, Florida constantly sends me emails explaining to me how he thinks the system is broken.  The two parties are both traitors to the nation, and ultimately have the same goal: an all powerful political establishment that enslaves the populace, and shreds the principles this nation was founded upon.  He is right, to a point.  I only hold on to hope that the Republican Party will get its act together because I am naturally an optimist, and I don’t believe we have reached the point of no return, just yet.
Commenters that oppose my conservative commentary constantly leave little messages in my comments section.  Though I don’t “approve” their comments often because of the belittling nature of them, I do read them all.  Among those messages of late have been attacks on my ability to recognize the political theater as it is.  They tell me I am on the wrong side of history, and my failed prediction that Romney would win the election was evidence of that.
Early on in the election season of 2012 I commented that if Mitt Romney won the nomination, he had the greatest chance of losing the election over all of the candidates.  The key to winning was not pulling in the vote of various groups, but to energize the conservative base in America.  I still believe that this nation is largely conservative, and that conservatives outnumber liberals (those in the middle not withstanding) four-to-one.  The problem is those that hold conservative values don’t vote because they see little difference between the candidates, or they vote democrat because they don’t recognize the danger of voting for the more liberal candidate, nor has there been a Republican candidate out there that can properly articulate the conservative message.
The fact is, liberalism (I use that term only because that is the one we currently have available) has infiltrated both parties, controls the democrats to the point of Marxism, and controls the republicans to the point that the Party of Reagan has literally neutered itself.  In return, the parties have become meaningless, and the government bureaucracy that regulates to make itself important reigns supreme.  The statesmen of Washington have been replaced by a ruling class of elitists that consider themselves elite not because of their position in life, or the money they have, but because they believe they are wiser than the populace, and that it is only the ruling elite that can properly manage the lives of each and every American.  Rules for how you eat, and what activities you can engage in, are not too far off in the future, if we continue to allow the statists of the federal government to continue to stack on more rules, more regulations, and more power for themselves.
For the liberal left it has all become about winning the political argument, silencing the opposition, and being on the right side of history.  They are willing to use the unions to gain control, promising favors to the powerful political organizations that have long since abandoned their concern for worker’s rights.  It has become a great big, “What can I do for you that can get you to do something for me,” orgy of pocket-lining. The corporations have jumped into the “political favors” game as well.  The politicians want to bail out their corporate friends, and let their opposition fall into failure under the weight of a destroyed economy.  Barack Obama has worked to finance his friends in green technology, not because he believes in green energy so much, but because of the favors and money involved.  Bankers are picking sides, and more pockets are being lined.  Al Gore, Mister Environmentalist himself, sold his Current TV network to Al Jazeera, who not only supports terrorism against America, but is a part of the big oil of the Arab nations that the oil-hating Gore always criticizes.  Why did he choose to sell to them?  Perhaps money.  Perhaps power.  Perhaps because the other potential buyer was Glenn Beck, and Gore would rather help terrorists and big oil over his political opposition in America.  And on top of all that, Al Gore will remain on board as an adviser for Al Jazeera in America.
Besides, the liberal left uses environmentalism for power and money, anyway. It has nothing to do with saving the planet. That is just what they want you to believe, so you’ll jump on the bandwagon, with your money and support.  Hell, even the failed “Cash for Clunkers” program that Obama hailed so much has turned out to be damaging to the environment.
Barack Obama, and the liberal democrats, tell us all the time about how much they hate the corporations, but when it comes to their money, their political support, and an exchange of favors, suddenly the rich ain’t so bad.  At Barack Obama’s upcoming inauguration, now that he doesn’t need his anti-corporation rhetoric for re-election, anymore, has gone against his 2009 decision to reject big-dollar donations from corporations to finance his inauguration. This year the Presidential Inaugural Committee is logging donations from heavy hitters in the business world, including AT&T and Microsoft.
More than 400 donors have given money, according to the latest list posted to the committee’s website.  Most of the donors are individuals, but the committee has said it will accept unlimited sums of corporate money to pay for Obama’s inauguration.
You’ll notice that the list of corporations and individuals are people who have benefited from Obama’s political policies.  Favors, perhaps?
In the world of the Founding Fathers, that was called “mercantilism,” and that was one of the concepts that emboldened the American Colonists to rebellion.  Our Constitution was written in part to protect this nation from mercantilist policies.  Thanks to the political establishment’s (thanks to both parties in large part) love of Crony Capitalism, the manipulative and unethical practice of mercantilism is alive and strong in American Politics.
Government regulations to control your lives, and the dependency of government gifts from the treasury, are at an all-time high.  Federal Food Stamps are at a record high, with the federal government unconstitutionally spending $80.4 billion on the vote-buying program.  As a result, Americans are less likely to be self-reliant, personally responsible, and willing to work hard for the American Dream.  Meanwhile, the “producers” of society, the ones that took a risk, put it all out there, and succeeded, are being hammered with higher, punitive, taxes.
Taxation has little to do with revenue, and everything to do with control.  When Britain hiked up their tax rates against the rich last year, the millionaires fled the nation and the country lost revenue.  When France kicked their rate up to 75%, the rich fled from that country, spurring the high court in that country to call the confiscatory tax “illegal.”  If we were to eliminate the income tax in America, the total revenue of the federal government would drop back to 1998 levels.  The progressive taxation system in America, and around the world, is also in lock-step, or should I say “goose-step,” with the ten planks of communism in the Communist Manifesto.  It is a means of a redistribution of wealth, used under the guise of helping the poor, but ultimately being used to transform the our system into a community of goods where, as John Lennon put it, eventually where there will be no possessions, no money, no countries, and no religion.  Collectivism.  Socialism.  Communism.
The progressive tax system is all about power and control, and that is why after losing his fleeing millionaires in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for global taxation that will make sure that all of the rich, and big companies, pay their taxes.
When I predicted that Mitt Romney would win the Presidential Election, and win big, it was based on the belief that Americans were sick of the mercantilism, high spending, and failures of the Obama administration.  His presidency during his first term was such a failure, surely the American voters were done with him.  2010 revealed this belief, when not only the Republicans, but very conservative TEA Party Republicans, won big in a massive landslide.  Surely, Americans had not changed their minds, after the last two years of regulations, lies, scandals, and failures by the Obama administration.