– A.J. Cameron 

The tragedy of the Newtown, CT massacre is troubling and I believe it opens the door to discussing what few in the Goebbels media and the Communist Left are eager to address.  The Left consists of self-appointed demagogues who seek to impose their control on those whom they deem to be inferior while not being accountable to anyone but their narcissistic selves.  Control is the operative word, and those on the Left seek to replace God with government, dismissing self-control in favor of government control.
Mass shootings are a symptom of what is wrong within our society.  Evil exists and our best defense against evil is God.  As we continue to force God out of our society, our schools, our courts, etc., we extend an open invitation to Satan into our lives to do his devilish worst.  Newtown is just the latest in a long line of tragedies bearing Satan’s fingerprints.
Let’s look at one of the Left’s major arguments for government control over self-control … teenage sex.  The Left insists that there is nothing that can be done to prevent teenage sex from happening.  Those on the Left say teens should be free to pursue their sexual drives without being held responsible for their actions.  Self-control is so not with it!  Besides, those teens who are intent upon acting out on their sexual urges will always find a way to do so, so we just need to ‘control’ the outcomes.  How is that working?  Because of this moral surrender, the Left advocates making condoms and birth control free and available. 
Let’s extend the Left’s insanity of teenage sex debate to the gun-control debate.  With the Left’s warped line of thinking, shouldn’t we be making guns more readily available to those individuals who might use them for evil?  After all, we shouldn’t inhibit a person’s ability to act out their desires, and we should never judge a person for their actions, especially if they are immoral!
Additionally, how insensitive and racist is it to ignore the
violence in the hood, yet eulogize the predominantly white victims of the majority of mass shootings?  If it is wrong to murder children and adults in a school, a movie theater, a mall, etc., shouldn’t it be equally wrong to murder children and adults in the hood and hide these deaths with silence and inaction?
Of course, the Holy Grail of the Communist Left is the ‘right’ to abort an unborn child or euthanize a sick and/or elderly individual.  Are not the victims of abortion and euthanasia equally as defenseless as any of the twenty children who were murdered in Newtown, CT? 
Because the Left has opened the door to politicizing the Newtown massacre, how about addressing additional issues the Left would rather not discuss … the Ft. Hood massacre, Fast and Furious, and the Benghazi massacre.  The Goebbels media has prevented the truth about these incidents from becoming public because the facts don’t fit the Left’s controlling agenda.  Are not the survivors of those killed in all of these tragedies just as heartbroken over the loss of loved ones as the survivors of the loved ones lost in Newtown, CT?
In fact, wasn’t Fast and Furious the brainchild of those within the current regime to be used as an attempt to advance the gun-control debate?  This surreptitious action went awry after the killing of scores of Mexicans and U. S. Border Control agent, Brian Terry, with guns provided by individuals within the regime, forcing the regime to deny culpability.  Didn’t AG Holder hide behind an erroneous, even possible felonious use of Executive Privilege to evade accountability for his individual actions and the actions of others involved in this scandal?  If this scandal rose to the office of the AG, how much farther up the food chain did responsibility actually go?
As for Benghazi, until proven otherwise, is it not readily apparent that either the White House orchestrated the initial attack upon Ambassador Stevens, or it was complicit in this attack?  The timing of releasing the lies about the video as being the cause of a non-existent uprising reveals prior knowledge of the attack and the intention of using this video to obfuscate the truth of the attack.  This became even more important after four Americans were killed. 
Was the intention of the regime to capture the Ambassador to be used as potential trade-bait in an attempt to improve Mr. Obama’s election chances during the Presidential campaign?  Did the regime not anticipate the gallant actions of former SEALs, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty?  Coming to the aid of the besieged Ambassador, did Woods’ and Doherty’s actions create confusion that led to their deaths and the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and computer expert, Sean Smith?  The fact that units were denied the opportunity to assist in the rescue of the Ambassador as the battle was waged for close to seven hours is extremely troubling.  With Secretary of State Clinton, among others, eluding answering questions on this massacre while under oath only encourages total distrust of the entire regime on this and other grave issues. 
Only when the entire truth on each of these issues becomes common knowledge can the administration speak with credibility on the Newtown tragedy, or any other tragedy.  In fact, with the consistent lies and distortions that emanate from those within both parties that constitute our Federal government, aided by the obfuscation of the Goebbels media, doesn’t this justify the growing distrust of those in the government and the media and the desire to own weapons for protection from those in our government?