– Erik Rush

I personally abhor the term “gun control” because, like so many other idioms advanced by political operatives, it frames the discussion in peremptory language which maintains a presupposition; here, that controlling guns is necessary, further, that it is something the government is legitimately empowered to do. Political operatives have necessarily become experts in this word play, like the left using terms such as “homophobia” to place the onus of presumed dysfunction upon the “homophobe” rather than the homosexual.
Like altogether too many examples of societal malaise, Americans continue to examine and discuss the symptoms thereof. Politicians and the press are more than happy to indulge them in this folly, since they are vested in the underlying disease remaining undiscovered and, thus, untreated.
The pretense of the ongoing “fiscal cliff” negotiations (this term itself having been coined by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a big-government economist from academia) are one of the more poignant examples of this ruse. As the machinations of the Obama administration (punctuated by the President’s smug self-assuredness) and the impotent Republican leadership are given center stage, the hows and whys of our arrival here are not being discussed at all. Senate Majority Leader Harry “I-so-deserve-to-be-dragged-behind-a-pickup-truck” Reid likens House Speaker John Boehner to a “dictator,” and the surreal character of this utterance in the face of America’s current predicament should be what the press is covering, but they’re operating in a slightly different modality right now.
Never mind that none of the so-called proposals on the table address any of the truly dire economic circumstances faced by the nation, only how these two self-serving factions will be perceived by the electorate. Nor will any of the actions they intend to take assuage the short-term suffering of Americans who have fallen victim to the odious designs of these oligarchs.
Never mind that this is a manufactured fiscal crisis, brought about by profligate government spending, or the orchestrated economic collapse that accelerated its manifestation, itself brought about by the liberals, socialists, and dedicated Marxists now tasked with finding solutions to same.
Does no one see the sheer madness in these exercises?
Back to gun control. The discussion has been going on for so long that it has become tedious, but it shouldn’t, because the Second Amendment is a truly unique device to which only the United States of America can lay claim. This was the only government founded by people who understood that governments ultimately could not be trusted. This idea has been left by the wayside by Marxist educators for reasons that should be obvious; now a preponderance of Americans not only have no idea why Second Amendment is important, they do not believe it is important at all. Their it-can’t-happen-here presumption is among the most intellectually indolent notions imaginable.
This week, I heard a conservative radio commentator refer to liberals with gun control sentiments that were “perhaps well-intended.” I was mortified. The stark reality is staring us in the face: We are under the yoke of evil men who intend to enslave us, and one of the few barriers left to them is the Second Amendment. There is no more room for the naïveté of the “well-intended.”