– By Judi McLeod

The maligning malcontent activists in the White House try harder than ever to torment the people who never voted them in.

In this, the ‘Year of the Big Gloat’ it’s a $4-million Hawaiian taxpayer-paid, 20-day vacation and 54 ‘Christmas’ trees, one-upmanship on George W’s last 27 Christmas trees in 2008.

The Obamas celebrated their first Christmas in the White House with an 18-foot tree decorated with Mao Zedong and Drag Queen Hedda Lettuce ornaments, and four years later accept the “Our Lord and Savior” title.

The 54 trees decked out for this year’s celebration can’t be Christmas trees. The Obamas, who claim they do not give their daughters gifts, do not believe in Christmas.

The trees are decor—decor meant to demoralize and depress anyone paying attention.

Letter writers to Canada Free Press (CFP) keep asking why the Obama regime and their supporters are so angry even after winning the November 6 election.

They’re angry because the United States of America is, even after all the damage hurled at it from an activist-run government, still up and running.

They’re angry because it is in raging Marxist blood to be angry. They’re angry because it’s taking too long a time to inflict One World Government on passionately patriotic America and even with the United Nations doing all the heavy lifting, there’s no guarantee that OWG will ever come to pass.

The waste of the Obamas in office puts them in the same category as Romania’s high spending Ceausescus.

While the 54 trees are intended to rub salt in the wound of the millions worried about what Barack Hussein Obama will do to the one country the rest of the world depends on, they are really preaching to their own czar and star-studded choir.

Americans not marching the Obama frog march are captivated by their own home Christmas trees.

There is more joy and hope to be seen in the single wreath on a sharecropper’s cabin; more inspiration for the parents of an innocent child whose eyes light up at the sight of the family Christmas tree than in any and all of the 54 trees in the White House.

Michelle posing in designer gowns in front of the tree come second and last to the average family’s picture called “Baby’s 1st Christmas”.
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