– Canada Free Press (Bio and Archives)  Friday, November 30, 2012 

How The West Was Lost: A black & white,  never-ending obnoxious play for our times, narrated by an empty chair.
Starring:  the no-darned-good, the always bad and the downright ugly: Barry Bamster, the Cabbage Caboose Mooch, brains of the operation Jagged Jared, with mouthy sidekick the Teleprompter Kid, the Bamster’s gang The Freeloaders, et al.

Storyline to date:  In the days of yore, the yahoos rode into town, shooting up the dust and frightening the women indoors.  In the days of now, Bamster’s Freeloader gang tax the dust, rustle the cattle for wagyu steak and pretend to defend all womenfolk.
No six shooter needed by Barry Bamster, his quick draw executive order pen, which never runs out of ink, is far more deadly.
We pick up the story after his Boot Hill acceptance speech where Bamster thanked the dead for voting—twice—and having accepted the stolen identity of Our Lord and Savior thinks he’s good to go.  Leaving Benghazi to eat his dust in a mushroom cloud that would gag all but the EPA,  the gang rides off into the sunset of Hawaii for yet another vacation, this one 20 days long at a cost of $4-million on the backs of economically challenged taxpayers.  Read more: