Now you can learn the Constitution in new board game

WASHINGTON – If playing Monopoly is a family tradition in your home on the holidays, here’s a new board game that can help adults and children learn about something more important than money – the Constitution.
It’s all made in America, designed for two to four players or team play. It’s great for teens and adults. The directions are simple. It’s fun and engaging. It includes 223 game cards with information about the Constitution, including:

  • 3 branches of government
  • Powers granted and denied
  • Checks and balances
  • Laws from the Articles
  • The Bill of Rights and other Amendments
  • Historical facts and dates
  • Play in less than an hour
  • Learn the Constitution as you play … the more you play, the more you learn
  • Includes a complimentary copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
  • Fun and educational for the classroom environment
  • Fantastic for home schooling
  • Great for entertainment for adults and teens who want to learn the Constitution