– Jerry McConnell

If I’ve said it once in my columns, I’ve said it a dozen or more times; and that is, “in the lexicon of the liberal Socialist-Communist Democrats, the word bipartisanship means, ‘do it our way’.”

As if providing evidence of that one-sided axiom, the head enforcer, Slippery Senate Leader Harry Reid, (D-NV) was quoted by Reuters Money News online November 29, 2012, as saying “A U.S. debt ceiling increase must be part of any deal to resolve the looming ‘fiscal cliff’ of tax increases and spending cuts.”

That is libDem speak for ‘bipartisanship.’ Note carefully the words “must be part of any deal…” Those words shine the spotlight on what Reid and Obama and Pelosi ALL determine is needed if a bi-party agreement is to be accomplished.

Of course Reid and his ‘pressure pals’ know that the chances are probably not terribly far off the table to get the Establishment Republicans, AKA, RINOs to capitulate and give in to the measure that will allow those same ‘budget-bustin’ spendthrift hustlers to continue to send the National Debt Ceiling into even greater and greater as well as insurmountable heights of onerous debt that will destroy not only our country but the rest of the lives of our children and their children for eternity.

These selfish, and utterly stupid and careless Socialist-Communist cretins will not be satisfied until all Americans, including themselves who they mistakenly think will later get their rewards from the corrupt United Nations robbers and frauds. How is it possible that this country can boast of having over sixty million voters who are willing co-conspirators in the demise of what once was the greatest country in the world?

Just fresh off the greatest perpetration of a felonious rip-off by somehow or other rigging nationwide voting machines to return the greatest fraudulent imposter to the highest office of our land and the most incompetent usurper of the presidency ever in the history of this or any other country, these country killers are insanely demanding that they be permitted to accelerate their ruinous destructive actions that they have been carrying on for the past four years.

Somehow we have to dig deep into our pitiful pool of impotent pikers and pluck out aplum who can keep these treasonous traitors at bay for four more years.

And speaking about how out of kilter the libDem country destroyers are in this hour of the sad beginnings to another four years of watching the monument of greatness manufactured by our Founding Fathers being hacked away with glee by the anti-Americans who were, in the main part, nurtured and raised by its goodnesses right here on this land.